Marketing and Promotion 

R.S.O.M 1.5 COVER.jpg1.5 master.jpgGrimy the Web Series


I would like to thank everyone that participated in this years First Backpack Drive…Backpack Flyer.jpg

_DSC0216.JPG  _DSC0259.JPG_DSC0263.JPG_DSC0253.JPG    _DSC0243.JPG    _DSC0268.JPG

 Check out New Music

G.Rydah once again “SLAY”s them with new music from his Sophomore mixtape  “Trap Got Wingz  which is due to drop 2017… This is something to kept y’all in tune.

This Is For the People…

Boston’s Own Grimey Gurt New song “Be 1”

Steph Curry x D.$tacks Features G.Rydah

 Shook Ones part 3 X Billie

Shook Ones part 3 cover art

Gangstaz N Hustlaz  X Grimey Gurt  


G.Rydah X Rich Today #BornLeadersMusicGroup


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